Why Steam Carpet Cleaning Is The Best

Why Steam Carpet Cleaning Is The Best

Published: February 20, 2023
Author: Mountain Country Carpet Care
Category Tags: Carpet Cleaning

Home fact: Your carpets get dirty and need a good cleaning. Sure the majority of us have a vacuum and occasionally do some cleaning, but did you know that there are benefits to regular steam cleaning than just clean carpets?

Protect your family and your carpet with professional carpet steam cleaning that will:

  1. Remove Trapped Pollutants
  2. Clear Out Dust Mite Infestations
  3. Help Prevent Mold Growth
  4. Extend Carpet Life
  5. Refresh, Renew, Restore and Impress

Mountain Country Carpert Care uses powerful steam carpet cleaning machines plus safe, effective, and eco-friendly cleaners. We don’t just get out stains, grit and grime — we also remove hidden pollutants and allergens.

1 – Steam Carpet Cleaning Removes Pollutants

Significant quantities of pollutants can be released into the air inside your home with just normal daily activities. Young children playing on carpet are much more likely to come in contact with pollutants in carpeting. Dirty carpet holds pollutants from many sources like pet dander, dead bugs, dropped food, and whatever your shoes track in.

2 - Steam Carpet Cleaning Clears Dust Mites

They’re inside all our homes – microscopic dust mites. Upholstered furniture, carpet, mattresses, bedding, curtains and soft, fabric toys — that’s where they live. They thrive in moist and warm environments like ours. Feeding on flakes of human skin, pollen, fungi, bacteria, and animal dander.

We kill any dust mites living in your carpet as we clean. They can’t survive the high temperatures of our proven carpet cleaning methods.

3 - Steam Carpet Cleaning Helps Prevent Mold

Molds produce allergens which can trigger allergic reactions; carpeting is at high risk for mold growth. To grow, mold needs moisture, oxygen, dust, and a surface to grow on. Keeping your carpet dry is key to preventing mold.

4 – Steam Carpet Cleaning Extends Carpet Life

It’s important to deep clean your carpet BEFORE it becomes excessively soiled. Soil grinds away at the carpet fibers shortening it’s life. And, as the soil is pushed deeper and deeper into the carpet from foot traffic – your carpets become harder and more expensive to clean. To retain your carpet’s original look, deep-clean once every year.

5 – Refresh, Renew, Restore and Impress

Walking barefoot on soft, freshly cleaned carpet is a great feeling. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your loved ones from any health hazards hiding in your carpeting.

Any further Question or Concerns?

If your carpets look in rough shape and you don’t have the time or patience to clean them properly, Mountain Country Carpet Care can get them in top-notch condition for you! Mountain Country Carpet Care is a professional carpet cleaner located in Bozeman, Montana. Contact us to answer all your questions and feel free to use our online carpet scheduling to book a cleaning today to help improve your carpet health and have a clean home.