How To Keep Your Carpets Clean During Winter

How To Keep Your Carpets Clean During Winter

Published: January 20, 2023
Author: Mountain Country Carpet Care
Category Tags: Carpet Cleaning

Tip #1: Keep your sidewalks and porch shovelled

Winter means snow around Bozeman, Montana which means you should know where your snow shovel is located. Snow that is walked on is never just snow melting to water. Snow will pick up all sorts of dirt and rocks as people walk around your neighborhood. You can’t track in mounds of snow if there isn’t any stuck to your boots! Keeping your sidewalks shovelled will also help in keeping your carpets clean during winter.

Tip #2: Add more mats at your main door entrance

Mats are a low cost combative to help reduce the amount of soil making its way into your home. Mats will help absorb the soil and snow from the bottom of your boots and shoes.

Tip #3: Invest in a boot tray

Another low cost item to purchase is a boot tray. A boot tray is also a visual cue for family and guests as to where to put their footwear. Boot trays are great because they’ll also hold the muddy, grimy water that melts off your boots and shoes, along with any sand and gravel.

Tip #4: If you have a dog, teach them to wipe their paws

Have you taught your dog any tricks? Dogs are very smart animals if trained correctly. This is not a joke that you can teach your dog to wipe their paws when coming in from a walk outside. Instead of having to deal with the aftermath of your pet bolting indoors with muddy paws, you’ll have cleaner carpets and a neat trick to show off to visitors.

Tip #5: Vacuum Weekly

Increase your vacuuming chore to a weekly basis. Vacuuming weekly will keep any dry soil that does make it past your entryway from getting ground into the carpet. Focussing on high traffic areas while vacuuming is the key to making your carpets last longer – not just stay cleaner! Over time, as abrasive dirt builds up in the carpet, it rubs against the fibres and starts to wear them down. Vacuuming helps prevent this wear and tear and keeps your carpets looking newer longer.

Tip #6: Deep Clean Your Carpets

As winter starts to give way to spring time then keep in mind it should be time to get them professionally steam-cleaned. There is no better way to keep your carpets looking and feeling fresh and clean and to fight back against the mud and grime of the winter months. Contact us Mountain Country Carpet Care to book your winter cleaning appointment today and let us help you in keeping your carpets clean during winter!

Any further Question or Concerns?

If your carpets look in rough shape and you don’t have the time or patience to clean them properly, Mountain Country Carpet Care can get them in top-notch condition for you! Mountain Country Carpet Care is a professional carpet cleaner located in Bozeman, Montana. Contact us to answer all your questions and feel free to use our online carpet scheduling to book a cleaning today to help improve your carpet health and have a clean home.